The eyelids frame the eyes, and in youth form one of the most attractive areas of the body. The fine thin eyelid skin, which in youth is delicate and tight, enhancing the appearance of the eyes. Unfortunately, as we age, this can lead to sagging skin, bags, and wrinkles. This often produces a permanently tired look that does not improve even with adequate amounts of sleep. This distracts from the true beauty of the colours of the eye and iris.

The interventions are customized specifically for you, and depending on your cosmetic objectives other complementary procedures may be required to achieve your aims, such as a brow lift, or fat injections around the mid-face. These complimentary procedures may add to the overall improvement and can commonly be combined.

We operate with the most modern techniques to avoid an operated look. We will make a fine incision hidden in the crease of your upper and lower eyelids. By removing skin and fat or repositioning fat we restore and enhance your original natural features. The result is the return of your bright and youthful looking eyes and a refreshed look. Most eyelid surgery takes place under local anaesthetic. This means you will be awake but safe and comfortable.

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