Dr Susan Schmidt is an expert in nonsurgical cosmetic treatments.

Susan Schmidt started her medical education at the University of Helsinki and graduated in 1995.

She worked as a general practitioner since 1998 and holds her own practice since 2003. Her experience as a general practitioner gives her a broad, holistic approach for cosmetic treatments aiming for natural looking and harmonised results.

She is specialised since 2006 in complex cosmetic procedures with injectables and complex skin treatments. She gained mainly hands onn training from world experts in the UK, Monaco, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Finland over the anatomy of the aging face including anatomical facial dissections, Botox and filler treatments for total face approach, facial 3D- treatments, myomodulation with fillers and botox, fat crafting for facial volumizing, chemical skin peels and managing injectables complications.

Dr. Schmidt is a member of NVCG (Dutch association for cosmetic medicine) and is fully certified as a cosmetic doctor.

Dr Schmidt is a member of NVVCC (Dutch association for cosmetic surgery).

She is part of a workgroup designing a quality management system for cosmetic practises in the Netherlands.

She is a member of an advisory group for the RIVM (the Dutch national Institute for public health and environment) for research concerning safety issues of fillers.


BIG-number: 19046273501


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