The brow in combination with the eyelids frames the eyes. We know a smooth forehead and gently curving eyebrows that do not crowd the eyes but instead open them up and accentuate them, are ideal.

As we age, however, skin becomes stretched and lax, lines in the forehead appear, and the brow descends. Heaviness and sagging of the brow, crowds the eyes and gives the face a permanent serious and tired expression. When this sagging of the brow is so severe, it can cause activation of the forehead muscles to reverse the sagging causing forehead wrinkles to be more pronounced and deeper in nature.

We restore and enhance your original natural features, removing the heaviness of the brow and the lines on the forehead to give you back a bright, youthful and refreshed look.

Depending on the severity and your cosmetic objectives, the treatment of the forehead and brow can range from non-surgical to surgical mini-brow lifts under local aesthetic, to traditional open or endoscopic brow lifts under general anaesthesia. The interventions therefore are customized specifically for you. Not infrequently, complementary procedures added as required to achieve your aims, such as eyelid surgery or fat injections around the mid-face.

We have all of the modern techniques at our disposal to maximise your aesthetic goals.

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